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Navigation is about people and connecting them to the place where they can find the support they are looking for. This year 250 new users accessed the HMC navigation service. This year we received referrals and supported staff from community organizations such as TEAM Work Cooperative, reachAbility, Support Services Group, Dartmouth Housing Helps, The Public Good Society of Dartmouth, ISANS and The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. 

Working with the Health Authority is an important aspect of my role. I maintained communication with and supported clients and staff of Bayers Road Community Mental Health Team (CMHT), Dartmouth CMHT, Cole Harbour CMHT and Bedford Sackville CMHT. I developed new relationships with Addictions Community Based services, presenting at both the Dartmouth and Halifax clinics as well as attending their Affected Others Night of Hope. I provided registration and education support for Families Matter in Mental Health and provided program information as well as support about resources for registrants and the persons they are supporting. I attended/presented at Families Matter in Mental Health sessions regarding services and community resources.  

A new role for our Navigator has been as Peer Navigator with TeamWorks Cooperative and Job Junction it’s a great collaboration with two organizations under the umbrella of Nova Scotia Works. These organizations are employment based, but we provide a mental health and additions focus providing peer support and mental health additions services resources and navigation. This new initiative has been very well received and provides another avenue to support people with mental health and addiction issues. 


citizen engagement

Our partnership with NSHA provides citizen engagement to the Quality Committees, I believe Laura Ankcorn says it best;  

In recent years, patient and family involvement on committees at all levels of healthcare has become the gold standard. We know that having first voice representation brings an important lens to planning, evaluation, and decision-making that would otherwise not be present. In hindsight, it only makes sense that those who have experienced care be at the table when discussing and planning for changes in service provision.

Although patient and family involvement on committees may be new for some areas of health, we have had the advantage of having this in place for some time in Mental Health, and more recently Addictions. We are now at the point where it is commonplace to hear people ask “how are we getting input from patients and families on this” or “where is the first voice on this committee?”.

It has become an expectation that there is a patient and family voice at the table and this is because we have learned firsthand the value of having that perspective at the table. Having people with lived experience involved as equal partners in planning and evaluation genuinely changes the conversion and puts the focus back on where it belongs: the patient and their family.

Laura Ankcorn
Quality Leader / DSA II, Mental Health and Addictions Program


wellness & recovery

The road to wellness can, at times, be overwhelming.  We are here to accompany you on your journey.  You do not have to do it alone - you are surrounded and supported by your peers.  

At Healthy Minds well-being is viewed through a holistic lens, combing traditional and complimentary approaches to health, providing alternative ways for people to look at their health and their lives.  The results have been amazing, we are seeing real change.

Healthy Minds Co-operative offers a variety of workshops that focus on recovery, health and well-being.  These workshops are offered in house and in community responding to the needs of the people we serve.

Below is a list of some of the most popular workshops we offer:

Humans Making Change

is a series of wellness workshops designed and co-facilitated by HMC members who are in the process of being mentored in workshop facilitation.  Some are based on a series of TED Talks, others on various other health and wellness related topics.

Finding Your Voice

is a seven-week program that provides a safe and supportive environment where participants can work on creating and sharing their Recovery story with the intention of building confidence to allow them to share their story with family, friends, care-givers or even a wider audience, if they so desire.

Exploring Beliefs that Promote Recovery

is one of a series of workshops based on recovery dialogues.  We now know that any definition of recovery creates a box into which some people’s experiences fit and others do not.  These workshops are a chance for people to talk about their own, very real, experiences in the company of their peers.

Conscious Aging - Cultivate Wisdom, Connect with Others, Celebrate Life (50+)

is an eight-session workshop designed to transform your expectations of aging.  The elder part of life is a great opportunity for spiritual, emotional, and psychological growth – a time to celebrate your journey, harvest the wisdom of your experiences and share with like-minded others.